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Resource platform for social-emotional learning (SEL)

CERC is a Verita Foundation project and is intended to share our valuable SEL knowledge, results and resources with educators in the public education system and with other organizations and people who understand the importance of changing the way we look at and treat our children's education.

CERC's mission is to provide resources in various forms based on scientific data but also based on the practice and information gathered from around the world in over 30 years of research and studies on how and why SEL works in learning environments and its decisive role in the academic success and development of healthy life skills for our children.

Verita Foundation has launched CERC (Compassion in Education Resource Center) in order to put together internationally validated resources about social emotional learning through the SEE curriculum ( Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning ) which was developed by Emory University and Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion- Based Ethics, USA.

Verita Foundation is the Primary Collaborator in Romania, aiming to introduce the SEE curriculum in the public education system.


For the past six years our team went through its own process of transformation, learning and experimenting with SEL within Verita International School.

Our school recognizes the significant importance of social, emotional and ethical learning in the process of educating the hearts and minds of our children, increasing their self-knowledge skills, healthy management of stress factors, developing their critical thinking and resilience.

This process included teaching weekly SEL classes, organizing trainings and workshops for educators and parents. Also, our team of trainers completed internationally accredited courses with global experts in SEL.

10.000 hours of class teaching

Over 5 years of teaching weekly classes of socio-emotional learning to a number of over 500 children aged 2.5 to 15 years old.

CERC Programs


We know that every year hundreds of thousands of teachers come to class for the very first time with the dream of changing children’s life chances for the better, wanting to inspire a love for learning and important skills for a healthy and happy life. Unfortunately, research shows that 40-50% of teachers will leave their teaching position in the first five years.

Educaring is an 8-week online course that aims to support educators and teachers in strengthening their social and emotional skills to manage the stress that comes with their profession thus helping them stay in this meaningful profession for a longer time.

Wellbeing Retreats

Each year we organize retreats that focus on identifying stress factors in education as well as effective emotional self-regulation practices for educators that can be reflected more in the classroom interaction between students and teachers.

The first retreat for educators brought together 20 people who wanted to learn more about stressors and stress resilience tools when it comes to their emotional education and well-being. We worked to identify our stressors and understand the science behind how our bodies respond to stress and how we can return to the "Green Zone", where we feel more relaxed, focused and ready to use our inner resources.

Online workshops for parents and teachers

The degree to which parents and educators manage to be more aware of their own emotions and how to manage them will have a direct impact on the quality of the relationship with their child at home or in class as well as on their educational process.

Our online workshops offer information as well as hands down models of modelling and implementing social emotional learning skills and strategies at home or in the classroom.

Themes of interest include:

  • What is social emotional learning and why is it so important for the harmonious development of my child
  • What is the impact that SEL has on academic performance
  • What is stress and what are the five domains of stress in our lives
  • Managing stress - the healthy way
  • Parent - child and educator - child relationship - the importance of establishing an emotional connection

Conferences and symposiums with international experts

With the development of our community of educators and parents, we began to organize larger events that bring together experts in education and specialists from all over the country to provide a space for community development and to enrich the collective knowledge in regards to social-emotional learning and compassion in education.

In recent years we have organized conferences with experts such as Nipun Mehta, the founder of Service Space or Ed Dunkelblau, Director of the Institute for Emotional Intelligence. The events had themes such as social-emotional learning, service learning, compassion in education, new models of building resilience and critical thinking for our future generations and other topics of interest.

Programs for companies

We partner up with companies for:

  • Wellbeing Online personalized programs for employees
  • Online Parenting and Social Emotional Learning programs for employees and their children.
  • Mindfulness at work sessions
  • Social emotional Learning experiential workshops for employee’s children.

Contact us and let’s start the transformation of your company!



Un proiect CERC

Susținut de Fundația Verita


The online Social emotional Learning Program for educators

EDUCARING curriculum


The “Educaring” training is based on a learning model that helps participants to be and feel deeply involved in the process. The system is built on three dimensions, Heart – Head – Hands, through which the educators will participate in a process of reflection,will acquire fresh knowledge in the field and will apply new practices.

When you register for an Educaring course

you will receive:

Weekly resources about:

  • emotional intelligence
  • neuroplasticity – how does our mind work
  • wellbeing – what it is and how do I make it last
  • recognizing and managing our daily stress
  • emotional self regulation
  • self-compassion
  • thoughts and emotions – what’s the difference between them
  • difficult emotions – what do we do about them
  • conscious listening for difficult conversations

Eight online meetings

  • You are part of a long term online community and mentorship group
  • You are connecting with people that have shared values and passions , learning with and from them
  • You have support from facilitators with long term experience on the appointed themes of the course

Certification of Course Completion Diploma offered by CERC and Verita Foundation

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In order to keep high standards of this course the limited number of participants is 15. Selection is made based on the answers from the registration form and the one on one online meetings.


Confirmation of participation

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Richard Joannides


Lila Vasilescu

Passionate director

Andreea Alexandrescu

DIR Floortime therapist, trainer and psychopedagogue

Marius Luca

Mindfulness and SEL program facilitator

Andreea Neagu

Clinical psychologist psychoterapist

Doina Grigoraș

Project manager

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